7:00 AM

Hey, Good Morning!

  • Alarm clock to wake up,
  • A freshening music,
  • Pull back the curtains .

7:30 AM

Bon Appetit

  • Toast some bread pieces.
  • Brew a cup of coffee.
  • Adjust the temperature.

8:00 AM

Toward Your Office

  • Run the security system
  • Activate the sensors
  • Monitor the electric systems

10:00 AM

Good Job at Work!

  • Monitor the sensors and cameras
  • Review the alerts

05:00 PM

Back to Home

  • Initiate the ventilation system
  • Cooler at Summer and heater at Winter
  • Open the security gate

07:00 PM

Relax at the Dusk!

  • See a movie by the home theater
  • Enjoy a hot drink
  • Adjust the lighting

10:00 PM

Sweat Dreams!

  • Turn off the lights
  • Pull the curtains
  • Activate the security locks

Nestech Products

Miscellaneous smart products by Nestech are powered by the potential for utilizing local RF remote controllers and wide-area wireless solutions through the Net. This would let you manage your home lighting and air conditioning in a smart way as easy as possible. Thus, be ready for a modern and comfortable life style.