Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Guarantee Terms and Conditions
All Nestech products are provided with a guarantee service as long as 24 months. The service starts from the sale date to the end user.

Necessary Notes and Conditions:

  • In order for an unconditional replacement of the product within 48 hours after sale, it is a need that a customer does not open the physical plumbs of the product (protecting labels and circuit strips).
  • The guarantee service just covers defects in circuitry and electronic parts.
  • In order to claim for the service, presenting the original bill of purchase (including date and the serial number of the product) is a must.
  • The guarantee service will be on due if and only if the product is installed by a Nestech authorized technician.
  • The guarantee service is only provided by Nestech official representatives.
  • Any kind of a physical defect, like fracture, deformation, corrosion and so on is excluded from the service.
  • In case of defects due to incorrect transport and use, electrical overload and instability, the guarantee will not be applied.