Smart Switch

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Nestech Lighting Switch

Nestech smart switches are designed for different applications including light and curtain control and air conditioning, and so on.

Tempered Crystal Frame

Each Nestech smart switches includes a high-quality tempered crystal panel of 4-mm thickness that is anti-scratch. This feature makes Nestech switches shine brilliantly and be proper choices for all modern interior designs.

Full Touch Functionality

Implementing a full capacitive touch approach in the circuitry of Nestech switches makes them quite sensitive to a light finger touch on the crystal panel. There is no need to a hard push on the panel.

Surge Protection

The special design of Nestech switches that avoids sudden and impulsive flow of electric current, remove the possibility of internal sparkling. Besides, due to a full electric isolation and utilization of high-quality polymer to make the body of switches leads to a surge protected and anti-burn characteristic.

Eye-Catching Details

A four layer design of an external tempered crystal over sensitive touch panels, internal circuitries and a high-quality polymer body reveals unique features of the eye-catching details of a Nestech smart switch.

Compatible With Voice Assistants

Nestech smart switches are able to connect to a central hub via RF signaling. A central hub with WiFi port can interact with a voice assistant, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Thus, it could be possible to control the switches with voice commands.