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Smart Wall Music Player

equipped with a 2.8″ touch screen and an infrared remote controller, Able to be linked with a RF hub and controlled from anywhere through Internet, by use of smart phones and tablets, Facilitated with wireless Blue Tooth port, wired USB and AUX inputs and a SD memory reader Embedding a high-efficiency class-D output amplifier for a maximum output of 2*25 or 4*15 Watts over 4-8 Ohms low impedance speakers

Music\Video Player

Smart wall music player, provided in three colors: white, gold and black. Suitably matched with any taste in interior design for modern homes and halls

Up To
4 Speakers

This smart wall music player can support an stereo output power of 2*25 Watts or 4*15 Watts over low impedance in-wall speakers.U

Output 2*25 / 4*15 w


This smart wall music player is equipped with Bluetooth and universal RF wireless protocols, such that it can be both directly be matched with other devices with a Bluetooth port and connected to a central RF hub and indirectly to the Internet. The device embeds a FM radio in its circuitry, too.




Input Ports

This smart wall music player supports different wired input ports, like USB and AUX to play different file formats, including MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG and so on. It can also read SD memory cards.


SD Card