Easier Life With Nestech Products

Miscellaneous smart products by Nestech are powered by the potential for utilizing local RF remote controllers and wide-area wireless solutions through the Net. This would let you manage your home lighting and air conditioning in a smart way as easy as possible. Thus, be ready for a modern and comfortable life style.

Nestech Smart Switches

Nestech smart switches are designed for different applications including light and curtain control, cooler and air conditioning, and so on.

Nestech Crystal Frame

Nestech tempered crystal panels, designed in single or multiple gang models, are fully compatible with different mechanisms.

Nestech Desktop Socket

Modular in-desk power boxes by Nestech are designed in two models, one includes three regular electrical outlets and the other one includes two of those outlets plus a USB charging unit.

Nestech Music Player

Equipped with a 2.8″ touch screen and an infrared remote controller, Able to be linked with a RF hub and controlled from anywhere through Internet