About Nestech Automation

NESTECH is a multi-disciplined instrumentation company, founded in 2012, providing professional services for smart home solutions and technologies. Its expertise in manufacturing a number of smart products is complemented by international standards, like CE and RoHS certifications.
Nestech smart solutions could be deployed with a wireless approach based on RF 433 MHz radio waves that is integrable with Internet. Thus, one can easily access such systems by a smart mobile application through Internet. Smart home systems suggested by Nestech are quite suitable for a modern interior design in new buildings and it is even notable that installation of such solutions needs no re-wiring in electrical system at already in-use buildings. Nestech manufacturing list includes a variety of products as smart touch switches for lighting control, curtain shading, cooling system and so on. Feel more comfort with Nestech smart solutions at your everyday life.

Eco-Friendly Approach

Special design of Nestech smart home products is focused on a recycling basis, like the least use of plastic and producing panels made of tempered crystal. More important, smart solutions by Nestech make it possible for an optimized energy consumption and avoiding waste of natural resources to the most extent. As a result, utilizing Nestech smart products is in favor of a sustainable environment.


Following an innovative approach in designing Nestech products leads to exemplary features, from a worth-looking appearance that is a minimal look at the same time, to a long list of technical benefits, as  full capacitive functionality, surge protection and so on. Nestech R & D team keeps a steady movement toward any kind of technological innovations for noteworthy improvements in new product lines.

Active Support

It is a privilege to choose and deploy Nestech products for continuing after-sale services provided by the company for ever. Nestech support team members are ready in a 24/7 manner, both in technical and in marketing divisions. Nestech products, with respect to the production date and their quality conditions after usage are guaranteed for replacement and repair.